Gabion is defined as large cage in Italian language and word “gabbione” or carry the meaning of cage from Latin word “Cavea”. It is concrete, crushed rocks, cobbles, sand, or soil that filled into a cylinder, basket (made by wire mesh), box or cage for infrastructure road building, civil engineering, landscape work or military usage. The filling work is done on site (in-situ), these materials are available at very low cost and easily to get from local gabion supplier in Malaysia.

Gabion is able to absorb wind energy and wave, and hence it can mitigate the scour issue that relates to concrete seawall structure that has impervious sea defence. For foundation and dam type of construction and for corrosion prevention cylindrical metal and caged riprap are used respectively; just like sand or earth-filled gabions will be used in military for life protection against opponents.

Besides that, gabions are also applied as channel lining, retaining walls, river training, temporary flood wall, fire insulation, acoustic barrier, silt filtration, fish screen and tiny permenant or temporary dams. Especially to those slopes prone to corrosion, stream banks, flood control, shorelines; it helps to redirect the water caused by flood away from defenseless configuration.

Gabion is a protection against corrosion at backshore through taking off the wave energy, offering a five to ten years’ short term insurance. Huge rocks are not always available and at low cost in those area where rock armour structure is located at, gabion comes into picture for an alternative short span solution (definitely is not for permanently or long term).

For beach installation, they are not suitable to lower part of it due to the short of durability in taking up direct wave action regularly. Shingle beaches also shall not install them since the baskets will be damaged by the wear and tear of shingle beaches. Shingle beach is the beach that comprises of many tiny to medium cobble sizes ranges from 2mm to 200mm in diameter, as opposed to the fine sand beach that made up of tiny little sand.

The porous built up make them to trap wind blown sand easily and vegetation can grow under such condition, and hence steeper structure prohibit vegetation growth due to its setup does not welcome sand. The reason why gabion supplier Malaysia is doing well because of its well-known advantages such as construction speed, ease of handling and transportation, erosion prevention, water permeability, highly flexible which tolerate movement.

Gabion is also used for slopes to be protected from corrosion, reduce water velocity since it is easy to use. Gabion with rock filled is awesome-looking, environmental-friendly, drainage-free as they are usually made by galvanized steel, rust-free and erosion-free. Gabian supplier in Malaysia can also customize and produce the gabion types suitable for road protection, bridge, soil protection, river, canal training, earth bank, architectural cladding and retaining wall structure.

There are few types of common gabions which gabion supplier in Malaysia can supply, including trapion, bastion and mattress. The first one has the trapezoidal cross design, stacking it in order to face leaning part instead of stepped one. Bastion is the membrane lining at internal, nonwoven series of geotextile fill up with granular soil rather than using rock.

There is another sort of gabion which commonly applied for wave erosion protection, and this mattress gabion is wide but lower in height in term of lateral dimension. Gabion can be constructed by woven or welded, comparing to welded mesh gabion, woven is weaker in term of corrosive resistance; welded baskets can also last for averagely twenty-five years since it is made by galvanized steel.

Additionally, aluminium or zinc coated gabion basket also named as Galmac or Galfan able to make corrosion-free and metal’s life longer up to around fifty over years. Many gabion supplier Malaysia also supply PVC coated gabion that prolong materials’ lifespan at about sixty-years.

Where to Buy Gabion Products and Get Gabion Contractor in Malaysia

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